Mark was born in Freeport, Bahamas to Australian parents who moved to this area of the world as part of the booming financial sector in the 1960's. He went to Australia for his higher education and then went on a "walkabout" which took him all over the world. Eventually his walkabout landed him back in the Bahamas in the early 1990's where he's been ever since. Mark's specialty has been construction and project management where some of the biggest challenges have been getting materials, supplies and workers to remote locations. One has to be very conscientious about budgets, time frames and materials on hand (sometimes being short 1 box of screws can hold up an entire project for a week). Mark thrives on the pressure of construction in challenging environments and loves using his years of experience and problem solving skills to navigate through difficult situations.

His passions include kiteboarding, surfing, fishing, spearfishing, hiking and traveling.

Mariah is originally from the Pacific Northwest but has become quite fond of sunshine and warm weather. After college, she bounced around the USA, but when she took a winter-long sailboat trip to the Bahamas she was instantly enamored with the people, lifestyle and of course, the endless summer. She returned to the US but could not get the beautiful Bahamas out of her mind so she made her way back a few years later. Upon returning, she met Mark and they have been a great team ever since. Mariah compliments Mark's project management career (and vagrant lifestyle) by assisting in the background in any way she can. Most of it entails helping with construction logistics but oftentimes consists of coming up with healthy meals with limited ingredients.

She loves cooking, hiking, yoga and walking her three island dogs on the beach. In her previous life you'd likely find her skiing in the mountains during the winter, but she's embraced new warmer weather sports of kiteboarding and surfing.

The couple have lived and worked on Norman's Cay, several private islands in the Exumas, Harbour Island and are currently living at their home in Nassau.

You can find more information about their involvement in construction and real estate at M&M Management and Exclusive Buyer Bahamas

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