New Hobby - Cruise Ship Spotting

My porch is the perfect place to delve into hobbies that I had no idea existed until now. In addition to being a "plane spotter" and keeping a watchful eye on the flights landing in Nassau, I'm now also slightly obsessed with my Marine Traffic app.

For example, this was the helpful information that was provided to me from the app - This is the Disney Dream on its way in from Cape Canaveral. It departed yesterday evening at 5:29pm and is due to arrive in port at 8:48am. On this trip its average speed was 12.4kts. It was built in 2010 and flies the Bahamian flag. The only slight disappointment is that it doesn't tell me where its next ports of call are.

It's amazing the types of hobbies you pick up while living on a small rock with limited options for activities.