Sunday Funday

Clawless Caribbean Spiny Lobster

Sunday Funday, as we have been calling it. In the past month, there has been no lack of fun on the 7th day. Mostly revolving around water sports, with an occasional frosty beverage at happy hour, Sunday has an entirely new meaning these days.

For the past year, I spent my weeks longing for Sunday; my one day off, my day of rest. The pressure was on, I had to make the most out of it and cram as much fun into 10 hours as was humanly possible. By Monday, I was exhausted and ready for another day off. 

These days with our exceedingly lighter schedules, Sunday is ever so much more enjoyable. There is no pressure to squeeze a week's worth of fun into one day. I think it makes the day unfold itself in a completely relaxed and organic way. Surrounding ourselves with good people, doing wholesome activities; camaraderie, companionship with a touch of competition. 

The boys don their spears and dive in as soon as we're at "the spot," which could be any number of secret holes where the fish and lobster dwell. They stay in one big group, as they are more intimidating to sharks that way. Taking turns and diving down to spear grouper, hogfish and lobster, they assist each other on the kill. Sometimes you just can't hold your breath that long and have to leave your newly speared fish at the bottom until the next breath. Instead of taking credit and bringing your fish to the boat, your buddy will retrieve and hand you your dropped fish so you can proudly show off to those standing by on the boat. It's a complex dynamic, but it works and everyone gets credit for their hard-earned catch. 

Later in the afternoon, we may take our bounty to a nearby beach and grill up fish and lobster, serving it solely with a squeeze of lime, preserving its marvelously fresh-caught flavor. The women prepare salads and sides ahead of time, and we feast. 

Dogs run amok, children dig in the sand and collect sea snails, while the great hunters and their wives sip on adult beverages under oversized hats and umbrellas. 

We return to the dock, scorched from a long day in the sun. It's still early so after a quick clean up, we all happily bow out with our significant others to relax in the air conditioning and find sleep a little earlier than usual. Monday we wake up refreshed, minus a few pink missed-sunscreen spots, and carry out our joyful week. Next Sunday we'll be at it again.